About me:
Paage Frankesca
Your portrait | wedding |  landscape | detail photographer

"I'm ordinary."
What do I do?
I'm here to be your photographer AND friend on your most important days. I really just love PEOPLE. I'm not only going to be your photographer, we're going to get personal. I want to get to know you and what brought me to you! Being so personal really allows me to create a relationship with you, which portrays in the images I deliver. Give me raw and authentic. Let's listen to your favorite music and get sassy.

Who am I outside of the photog world?
Ya'll, I'm not exciting. Let me just start by saying that. I've got dirty hair, smell like spit up, and I'm covered in dog hair BUT I'm full of LIFE! I got married October 15, 2016 to my the guy that has helped make all my dreams come true. I have 2 dogs, Sarge (our weim) and Chief (our chocolate lab), and they have no sense of personal space. April 26, 2017 we had a baby girl that really rocked our world and opened us up to a whole new love. I'm a mama's girl. I love all things modern farmhouse. I have a small group of friends. I enjoy camping and the great outdoors. I have a BS degree in Biology and I'm a sucker for science talk. I'm ordinary. 

What's my style like?
Let's be honest, I'm moody. I mean my photography's moody. Like I've said, I'm here to catch the real stuff. Give me all the movement and all of the feels. 
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