About me:
Paage Frankesca
Your portrait | wedding |  landscape | detail photographer

Welcome and thank you for showing interest in my blog page!
What do I do?
In 2015 I picked up a DSLR camera and FELL IN LOVE. I started taking pictures as a hobby, just to get familiar with how in the world that thing worked. Not too long after that, people began asking me to take their engagement, family, senior photos. It took off after that. I chose "PaageFrank" Photography, because I wanted my photography to be tightly associated with who I am, what I enjoy, where I'm from.  Photography is an outlet for me to show my creativity while producing something that benifits others.

Who am I outside of the photog world?
I'm 22 years young and live in Southwestern Oklahoma. I graduated in the spring of 2016 with my Bachelors of Science, and am currently pursuing my career in laboratory science in central Oklahoma. My husband Chris is my biggest supporter and I'm his biggest pain. We have 2 dogs, Sarge and Chief. And in May 2017, we'll be the proud parents to a baby girl, Evelyn Grace! I'm a Chip and Joanna Gains fanatic and love everything farmhouse and modern.

What's my style like?
Let me just tell you how happy I am, that I have FOUND my style. This is something that I struggled with when I decided to start this journey. There are so many amazing photographers that I found myself SO overwhelmed with finding, me. I'm lucky to live in a generation that doesn't make it impossible to be creative with photography.

That being said, I'd say my style is natural and rich and raw and personal. I want to take people away from their everyday scenes and experience new places. I want a shoot to be more like a short vacation, rather than a "session." Let's go outdoors. Let's travel. Together. 
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