About me:
Paage Frankesca
Your adventurous wedding, portrait, and milestone photographer.

"I'm ordinary."
What do I do?
I've been photographing a wide variety of events [big + small] for over 4 years. I've witness many of God's greatest gifts. Weddings. Births. Milestones.

My goal is to make documenting these events as smooth as possible. I'm there to capture moments as a fly on the wall. Afterall, my favorite family photographs are the ones where no one knew anyone was taking pictures.

Who am I outside of the photog world?
Ya'll, I am about as ordinary as they come. I am the proudest wife + mother to a sweet and sassy little girl.

My favorite color is anything that's in the form of a stripe.

I grew up in small town, USA. No, really I was one of 30+ that graduated in 2012. Growing up in a small town was one of a few things that I can truly say shaped me into the human I am today. Praise God for small towns.

I am a modern farmhouse [heavy on the MODERN] fanatic. My husband is so sick and tired of all my DIY projects.

In highschool I was known to ALWAYS be around with a camera on hand. In college I was elected as historian for our biology club for that same reason. Little did I know, there was more than just a hobby in my future.

Do my photographs speak to you?
I am such an open personal, ya'll. Do not be afraid to reach out to me about package pricing. I am more than happy to work with your budget and create packages just for you.
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